Send nudge events to your own analytics system

Please follow the below steps if you wish to get nudge events shared back to your own analytics system.

Step 1: Create Method

Create a method called hanselEventsListener

function hanselEventsListener(eventName, eventData) {
	 * Use this function to send `eventData` to you third party Analytics Vendor
	 * e.g. amplitude.getInstance().logEvent(eventName, eventData);


Handling Hansel events

In case your app is using multiple analytics vendors, then please fire these events with only one vendor.

Step 2: Register Method

Register this HanselEventsListener with the Hansel SDK using the following code. Please register the listener immediately after you initialize your third party analytics vendor.



  1. Please ensure to select the checkbox 'Send nudges to Analytics Provider' from Step 3 of Product Experience creation flow.
  1. Below are properties that you can expect in 'hansel_nudge_event'
  • interaction_map_name
  • nudge_name
  • nudge_type
  • app_id
  • user_id (fallback to device id if not present)
  • nudge_rating : NULL | Rating | NPS (will be a number)
  • nudge_mcq : MCQ (will be a string)
  • nudge_inputtext: NULL | text
  • nudge_action: button1/2_clicked | buttontext | close_clicked | noaction_autodismissed | noaction_screenchanged | noaction_appclosed | backdrop_dismissed


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