Website Linking

Website linking allows users' data to travel between your sites, making it easier to keep track of what they've done.

If you want to enable website linking, land onto "Asset" website page on your panel and click on "Website Linking" button


Now follow below 2 steps

Step 1: Choose websites & generate HTML code

Once you have chosen the websites to be linked, a code will be generated on your panel. Paste this code on any blank html page of any one of the selected websites (preferably, primary domain)


Step 2: Enable website linking

Place the html URL link in the area provided on panel after switching on the toggle.


Click on "Save and Enable" , now your websites are linked and you can spot them having a link icon on top right corner on asset dashboard.

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Please note below points while enabling website linking

  • You can only link website assets that are present on given panel
  • Data will only reside on client side at local storage + indexed db level
  • This solution will not work on Safari (below v9) and Internet Explorer
  • Once identified on any one of the assets, the user needs to be considered as Identified on all the other assets as well


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