Release Notes

iOS Smartech Nudges SDK 8.5.25

Released 26th May 2022

  • Crash fix for test devices when the screen is getting captured.

iOS Smartech Nudges SDK 8.5.24

Released 14th May 2022

  • Added support for testing specific variants of AB experiment when journey is in test mode
  • Minor fix for issue of nudges not showing on iPad devices

iOS Smartech Nudges SDK 8.5.23

Released 13th May 2022
Added support for Invisible Container handling

iOS Smartech Nudges SDK 8.5.22

Released 9th May 2022
Changelog :
Minor bug fix for nudges showing twice intermittently when app_load event is used as nudge trigger

iOS Smartech Nudges SDK 8.5.21

Released 18th Apr 2022
Changelog :
Minor bug fix for nudge results for AB experiment goals

iOS Smartech Nudges SDK 8.5.20

Released 29th Mar 2022
Changelog :

  • Minor bug fixes for backdrop opacity for spotlight nudges
  • Crash fix while updating the new version of the app

iOS Smartech Nudges SDK 8.5.19

Released 24th Mar 2022
Changelog :

  • Minor bug fixes for announcement nudge width

iOS Smartech Nudges SDK 8.5.18

Released 23rd Mar 2022
Changelog :

  • Added support for configurable beacon size and opacity option
  • Crash fix for handling UICollectionView view hierarchy changes introduced in iOS 13

iOS Smartech Nudges SDK 8.5.17

Released 9th Mar 2022
Changelog :

  • Button alignment support for nudges having action buttons
  • Support for nudge priority feature

iOS Smartech Nudges SDK 8.5.16

Released 17th Feb 2022
Changelog :

  • Minor enhancement to nudge branch tracker event

iOS Smartech Nudges SDK 8.5.15

Released 27th Jan 2022
Changelog :

  • Minor bug fix in nudge attribution for goal events having properties condition

iOS Smartech Nudges SDK 8.5.14

Released 21st Dec 2021
Changelog :

  • Minor bug fixes

iOS Smartech Nudges SDK 8.5.9

Released 30th Sep 2021
Changelog :
Added Support for the below functionalities

  • GIF file format support in an image editor
  • Blur effect for the backdrop
  • Set Image or gradient colors as the nudge background
  • Set custom padding for images in the image editor
  • Support for multi-screen walkthrough flow for nudges
  • Feedback nudges fix

iOS Smartech Nudges SDK 8.5.8

Released 25th Aug 2021
Changelog :

  • Results 2.0 + Analytics optimization
  • Nudge level goals and attribution window feature for nudge results analytics

iOS Smartech Nudges SDK 8.5.7

Released 27th Jul 2021
Changelog :

  • Removed UIWebview from list of public views.

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