Standard Edit Actions for Campaigns

Applicable for: Email, SMS, App push, Web push, WhatsApp Channels

We have standardised the edit actions for different campaign statuses, providing you with a more streamlined and consistent workflow. This update aims to improve usability, content consistency, and efficient campaign management across all channels.

Key Highlights

As a campaign manager, you now have the flexibility to edit any and all details of your draft campaigns. This includes modifications to setup details, advanced settings, audience parameters, content elements, frequency capping, and schedule specifics. With this enhancement, you can refine your campaigns without the need to create entirely new drafts.

To maintain content and setup consistency across your user-base, editing running campaigns is restricted. This ensures that the campaign's integrity remains intact while it is active and being delivered.

Scheduled campaigns cannot be altered once they are set for launch. This safeguard prevents unintended publishing of campaigns with ongoing edits. However, you still have the options to suspend, duplicate, and send these campaigns as intended.

The edit option is hidden for all channels. These can however be duplicated as drafts.

Failed (Applicable to App Push, BPN, SMS, WhatsApp)
For campaigns that encountered failures, marketers can now duplicate these campaigns as drafts.

Campaigns that were manually or systemically suspended can be edited (Except Email Split, AB campaigns). You have the authority to make changes to campaign setup, audience targeting, content elements, schedule settings, and even re-queue the campaign for delivery.

These standardised edit actions offer a more intuitive and efficient campaign management process. We believe that this enhancement will significantly improve your ability to adapt and optimise your campaigns, ensuring that you can deliver engaging content.