WhatsApp Actionable Events in Journeys

We're excited to introduce a powerful new feature to enhance your communication and engagement strategy - WhatsApp Actionable Events in Journeys! This feature empowers business owners and administrators to take action based on various events that occur in WhatsApp, allowing you to automate tasks and deliver a more personalized and efficient customer experience.

Feature Overview: As a business owner who leverages WhatsApp as a primary communication channel with customers, you can now respond dynamically to events such as message delivery, read receipts, clicks, and failures. This groundbreaking feature enables you to automate follow-up actions, enhancing customer engagement and streamlining communication processes.

  1. Real-Life Use Cases: Here are some compelling scenarios where WhatsApp Actionable Events in Journeys can make a difference:
  2. Follow-up Reminder for Unread Messages (E-commerce): Remind customers about unattended carts with a follow-up message if the initial cart abandon message goes unread for a specified duration.
  3. Subscription Renewal Reminder (Media): Automatically send an email if a subscription renewal reminder fails to deliver via WhatsApp.
  4. Post-Purchase Feedback Follow-up (E-commerce): Send a follow-up WhatsApp message if a link for submitting feedback remains unclicked after a purchase.
  5. Order Confirmation and Delivery Updates (E-commerce): Trigger multiple communication channels, such as email and SMS, upon WhatsApp message delivery for order confirmations.
  6. Service Appointment Reminders (E-commerce): Automate journey messages for WhatsApp unread messages sent through campaigns, reaching users who haven't interacted with the message within a specified timeframe.
  7. Selective Messaging Exclusion: Avoid sending messages to users who have already been targeted or tagged, preventing unnecessary communication.

How to Use: Using WhatsApp Actionable Events in Journeys is simple:

  1. Identify the desired WhatsApp event, such as message delivery, clicks, or failures.
  2. Configure the specific actions you want to take in response to these events.
  3. Define conditions for triggering follow-up messages or other activities.
  4. Seamlessly integrate with other communication nodes within your journeys.

Enhance Customer Engagement Today: Leverage WhatsApp Actionable Events in Journeys to automate, personalize, and optimize your customer interactions. Get started now by exploring the comprehensive documentation and support resources available.

Images, videos, and documentation links will be provided to guide you through each step of utilizing this exciting new feature.

Upgrade your communication strategy and achieve greater engagement with WhatsApp Actionable Events in Journeys! If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to our support team at [email protected].

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