Payload-Based Personalization for WhatsApp

We are excited to introduce a powerful new feature for WhatsApp called "Payload-Based Personalization," enhancing the way brands connect and engage with their customers. With this update, personalization goes beyond just user attributes, allowing brands to now personalize messages based on user activities on their website/app.

How It Works:

Instead of limiting personalization to user attributes, brands can now leverage user activities on their website to create more targeted and relevant messages. For instance, brands can send cart abandonment messages with personalized content based on the specific items added to the cart. Additionally, personalization can be tailored according to products viewed or clicked on by customers during their website visits.

Key Highlights:

Activity-Based Personalization: Brands can now craft messages that dynamically change based on user interactions with their website, ensuring a more personalized and tailored customer experience.

Cart Abandonment Messages: By leveraging payload-based personalization, brands can engage with customers who abandoned their shopping carts, providing them with personalized content related to the items left behind.

Enhanced Journey Automation: Payload-based personalization is integrated into our journey automation feature, enabling brands to seamlessly implement activity-based personalization across their customer engagement workflows.

Campaigns and Activities: While campaigns continue to offer user attribute-based personalization, this feature specifically focuses on activity-based personalization, offering brands more versatility in their messaging strategies.

Unlocking Enhanced Customer Engagement:

Payload-Based Personalization empowers brands to create more meaningful connections with their customers, ensuring that each message is tailored to their specific interests and actions. By delivering targeted and relevant content, brands can drive higher engagement, better customer experiences, and improved conversion rates.

Get Started:

To start using Payload-Based Personalization in your journey automation, simply access our platform and navigate to the personalization section. Here, you'll find a range of options to customize your messages based on user activities.

Payload based personalization on WhatsApp

Payload based personalization on WhatsApp

We are delighted to bring this feature to you, and we look forward to seeing how you leverage it to create even more impactful and personalized customer experiences on WhatsApp.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Happy personalizing!