Viber Onboarding Process

This documentation serves as a comprehensive guide to enable Viber for Netcore. Viber is a popular messaging platform, and integrating it into your messaging strategy can be highly beneficial. This document outlines the steps required for onboarding Viber as a channel for your messaging campaigns.

Table of Contents:

Onboarding Process
2.1. Document Preparation
2.2. Whitelisting Process
2.3. CEE Integration
Service Information
Business Message Guidelines and Compliance

  1. Prerequisites
    Before you begin the onboarding process, ensure that you have the following:
    Business Email ID: A dedicated business email ID for communication with Infobip.
    Warranty Letter:Sign warranties related to sending verified Viber messages.
    Service Qualification Form:Provide the business description and details on your product or service.

  2. Onboarding Process
    The onboarding process consists of several steps, including document preparation, whitelisting on Viber, and integration into CEE. Let's delve into each step:

    2.1. Document Preparation
    Before proceeding, prepare the following documents:

    5 Logos: In .PNG format with good quality and various resolutions (50x50, 65x65, 100x100, 130x130, and 360x280 pixels).
    Service Name: In both the native language and English.
    Service Website
    Service Description
    Service Registered Country or Location
    Service Industry Type
    Monthly Expected Message Value
    Service Integration Type: Specify if it's one-way or both one-way and two-way.
    Destinations or Countries: List the countries where you intend to send messages.
    Type of Messages: Define if you'll be sending promotional or transactional messages.
    Introductory Message Example: Provide a sample introductory message.
    Service Estimated Launch Date
    2.2. Whitelisting Process
    The whitelisting process typically takes around 14 days and requires the following steps:

    Collect Documents: Submit the prepared documents mentioned in section 2.1 to your Infobip account manager.
    Review and Approval: Infobip will review the documents and guide you through any necessary revisions.
    Whitelisting: Once your documents are approved, your Viber Account ID will be whitelisted on the Infobip platform.

    2.3. CEE Integration
    After the whitelisting process is complete, the next step is to integrate Viber into the Netcore Communication Execution Environment (CEE).

    Authenticated API Key: Insert the authenticated API key provided by Infobip into the CEE. This process usually takes 1-2 business days.

  3. Service Information
    It's essential to provide comprehensive service information to ensure a smooth onboarding process. This includes detailed data about your service, such as its nature, target audience, and messaging strategy.

  4. Business Message Guidelines and Compliance
    To ensure successful communication on Viber, familiarize yourself with Viber's Business Message Guidelines and Compliance. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial to maintain compliance and deliverability.