What is the right image size for a WhatsApp template message?

If you're using WhatsApp API for sending Broadcast messages, then you are bound to try attaching an image in the header of the template message.

Adding an image is an excellent way to get your customer's attention when they receive the message, and to communicate your product, proposal, or offer in a visual way.

But what is the ideal dimensions for an image sent via WhatsApp API?

Technically, you can send any kind of image, whether it's a 1:1 aspect ratio or a 16:9 wide ratio. All images will get sent successfully and your customers will be able to view them too.

However, in such cases, your customers would first have to tap on the image to open it in fullscreen in order to see the complete image.


Through trial and error, we have found the perfect image size for you.

1125px by 600px


With this image resolution, the preview appears perfectly without any cropping.

Happy WhatsApp Marketing!