Frequency capping in WhatsApp

Welcome to the comprehensive guide for using Frequency Capping in WhatsApp campaigns and journeys. This powerful feature empowers you to optimize your communication strategy by controlling the number of messages sent to your audience within specific time intervals. Whether you're working with campaigns or journeys, Frequency Capping ensures that your messaging remains effective and engaging.

Enabling Frequency Capping


Navigate to the Campaign creation screen.
Under the "Advanced Options" section, you will find the "Frequency Capping" toggle.
Toggle it ON to apply frequency capping to the campaign.


Access the Journey setup screen.
In the "Journey Properties" section, you will find the "Frequency Capping" toggle.
Toggle it ON to apply frequency capping to the journey.

Configuring Frequency Capping Limits

In addition to enabling frequency capping at the campaign and journey levels, you can set global frequency capping limits for your account.

  1. Navigate to your Account configuration settings.
  2. Find the "Frequency Capping" section.
  3. Set the desired limits for messages to be sent per day, per week, and per month.
  4. Account Frequency Capping


Consecutive Campaigns and Frequency Capping

Please note that there is a caveat regarding consecutive campaigns within a short time frame. If two campaigns are initiated within 30 minutes of each other, the frequency capping check might be skipped. This is due to the possibility that the data has not yet been fully synced between the campaigns, potentially resulting in a frequency cap being exceeded unintentionally.


Frequency capping is a powerful feature to ensure a balanced messaging approach and prevent overloading your audience with messages. By following these steps, you can enable, configure, and manage frequency capping for WhatsApp campaigns and journeys. Remember the caveat regarding consecutive campaigns, and make informed decisions to optimize your messaging strategies.

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