Raman CoPilot (Alpha)

What’s it All About?

Here’s an advancement towards assisting Marketers and Product managers in creating engaging & personalized content for their campaigns using Generative AI.

Introducing Raman CoPilot, a seamless AI-powered assistant that understands and generates
optimized content based on user inputs in natural language for App Push Notification and Browser Push Notification channels. It’ll enhance user productivity by automating content creation within Netcore CE and lay the foundation for Raman CoPilot to evolve into a comprehensive assistant capable of handling broader tasks such as campaign management and segmentation.

Here are some unique use cases the feature covers:

  • Users can input a prompt along with the campaign context, enabling Raman CoPilot to generate highly personalized content that precisely aligns with their campaign requirements. By leveraging sector-agnostic campaign data, the CoPilot AI fine-tunes its suggestions, resulting in optimized and engaging content for both title and body. Each suggestion is tailored to reflect the unique message of the campaign, ensuring maximum
    relevance and impact.
  • Raman CoPilot possesses the ability to comprehend queries pertaining to CE documentation with precision, presenting them in a clear and accurate manner.
  • With support for multiple languages, Raman CoPilot is perfectly suited for global campaigns and diverse customer bases, ensuring inclusivity and effectiveness across different regions and demographics.

How Does It Work?

For each channel, you can access the Raman CoPilot on the Content page to help you create your content. On the content page of APN & BPN, simply input your title and description into the designated boxes. Then, activate Raman AI, and a chat will open with a pre-filled message box. Press enter to receive suggestions. Raman CoPilot swiftly provides three highly optimized and engaging titles/descriptions for your consideration.

  • Alternatively, users can directly access Raman CoPilot and provide a prompt along with context to receive suggestions for titles, descriptions, or both. The user can then engage in a conversational exchange through chat, refining and enhancing the suggestions as needed.

  • Users have the flexibility to directly utilize any of the suggested titles/descriptions or delve deeper into detailed analyses for a more data-driven decision-making process.
  • Should any doubts arise, our CoPilot is expertly trained on the documentation of the CE platform. It stands ready to swiftly address any queries, providing not only accurate responses but also relevant links to specific documentation where users can find further clarification or resolution.

  • Use Button: Easily transfer the generated content directly to the title or description field with a single click, streamlining your workflow and enhancing efficiency.

  • Copy Button: Easily duplicate the generated content for further use or reference.
  • Chat History: The chat automatically saves after each session, ensuring convenience and accessibility. Saved chat history remains editable and accessible for 30 days from its last use, providing users with ample time to review and make any necessary adjustments.

  • Save Suggestions: Users have the capability to save generated Title / Description within the CoPilot in order to reuse it later.

  • New Chat: Users can create multiple chats by pressing ‘+’ to open a news. Each chat is saved in the chat history under Bookmark with the initial prompt as the title of the chat.

Key Feature:

  • Engagement Score: The CoPilot provides an engagement score on each suggestion based on OpenAI's advanced scoring mechanism. This score, combined with the generated title & body suggestions, helps you gauge the effectiveness of the generated content.
  • Tone: Choose from a diverse range of emotion-based options for suggestions. Whether you want to create a sense of urgency, convey professionalism, inspire curiosity, or evoke nostalgia, the SLG offers a variety of tones to suit your campaign goals. Options include: FOMO, Formal, Trust, Inspiration, Witty, Curiosity, Urgency, Nostalgia, Quirky, Empathy, Surprise, Exclusivity, Humor, Authenticity, and Confidence.
  • Use Emoji: Click on it to use Emoji in the content.

Details Page: The Detail page shows Title and Description headers. It contains details on the content of the respective headers:

  • Emotional/Tone: By understanding the emotional impact of your content, you can strategically craft messages that resonate with your audience, leading to higher open rates and engagement. The content is rated on top 5 emotions out of all the emotions eg. Surprise 🤩, Witty 😆, Curiosity 🧐, Formal 👔, Humor 😂
  • Insights: Suggestions on changes in content to Boost engagement based on best practices & historical performance.
  • Scannability: Assess the content’s readability and ease of understanding at a quick glance. Higher scores indicate subject lines that are easily scannable, ensuring recipients can grasp the main message instantly.
  • Length: Understand the length of your subject line in terms of characters and words. Our in-house analysis across various verticals helps you determine the optimal length for maximum impact and readability.
  • Comprehensibility: It indicates how difficult it is to understand the content on the basis of the complexity of word choice. It is recommended to use common words and smooth sentence formation for making it easy for the user to read and understand the subject line without any difficulty.

Experience the power of Generative AI with CoPilot! Create compelling content for APN & BPN channels, driving exceptional campaign engagement. Elevate your marketing strategy with CoPilot's advanced features and insights.