Email Dashboard

Email dashboard helps the marketer to analyse their audience that have been targeted through email campaigns.

Sunburst (Email recipient engagement) and Popular Day/Time (Best Day/Time based on email opens and clicks) are the key highlights of the dashboard apart from the email overview (Results) section.

The email dashboard gives the snapshot of overall total opens and clicks for given duration and its relative performance (in terms of % change) with previous period. Overall email campaigns analysis (i.e. sent, delivered, opened, clicked) can be viewed as a time-series campaign trend that can be grouped w.r.t. day, week or month which may help the marketer to visualise cyclic trend at periodic intervals. It also provides an in-depth analysis in terms of domain, browser, OS and device distribution which is calculated based on the email opens.

The dashboard also shows the overall email contacts trend which is bifurcated into total contacts, contacts added, contacts lost.

Tags performance w.r.t open rate and click rate, Recent broadcasts, Popular links are other highlights of the dashboard. User can see the entire click-map and detailed email report of a particular campaign present in the Recent broadcast section.
The widgets have drag-drop ability.