A guide to send WhatsApp message from CEE

WhatsApp is a very active channel. That enables secure and trusted engagement between enterprises and customers.

WhatsApp has started WhatsApp Business API which enables enterprises to send WhatsApp communication to their customer and customer can do conversation with enterprise WhatsApp number.

CEE allows enterprises to send a WhatsApp message via Journey.

How to get started.

CEE uses API endpoints from Pepipost to connect with WhatsApp.

WhatsApp can be enabled from the backend for your panel. Please contact the CEE sales or CSM team to get a WhatsApp Business to account for your enterprise.

You should have an active Pepipost account with WhatsApp enabled. Only active WhatsApp account can be mapped at CEE.

Optin mechanism for WhatsApp

It's important for users to take opt-in so you can send messages. Opt-in is compulsory for WhatsApp communication.

At CEE all the contact are marked as opt-out. To mark them opt-in you need to call WhatsApp opt-in API. Post integration with Pepipost. When opt-in API is called then contact at CEE is marked as opt-in.

Opt-in API at Pepipost can be found here

All opted-in contact can be seen in CEE at Advance Search Section.

You can go at Data -> Contacts -> All Contacts -> Advance Search


All Contacts -> WhatsApp Opt-In Contacts

At this moment, the opt-in can NOT be done at the CEE level.

Using Message Template in WhatsApp

For business initiated messages WhatsApp has a strict policy. Every message template is whitelisted at WhatsApp end before sending it.

At CEE these templates expected to share offline to CSM or Sales to get it whitelisted and post whitelisting these templates will be available in CEE Journey.

In CEE these templates will be available at -
Content -> WhatsApp

Let's understand it with an example.
Say your template is - Dear {{1}}, Your policy {{2}} is about to expire. Please renew your policy asap. Find your policy details at {{3}}

The variables {{1}} or {{2}} or {{3}} can be replaced by a text of your choice. You can use CEE's activity and attribute personalization to personalize the message for your users.

So at CEE, these templates will be saved as - Dear [NAME], Your policy[POLICYNO] is about to expire. Please renew your policy asap. Find your policy details at [POLICYDETAIL]


WhatsApp Template Pages

The above created template can be used in Journey post the same is whitelisted by Netcore Support team