Web Page Templates

This guide explains Web Page Templates which forms a part of the Rule based personalisation offerings.

Web Page element requires no additional integration steps and is available to all accounts live on Rule based personalisation.

Of a Rule based personalisation campaign, the Setup, Audience and Schedule pages remain as any other Rule based personalisation campaign and nothing additional needs to be done.

Home Hello Bar

The template Home Hello Bar enables you to display multiple promotional messages on a single banner area leveraging several types of animations. Maximising the possibilities of limited real estate.


How to setup a Home Hello bar

Complete the Setup section of the campaign, select the required Web Page(s) you are targeting.

Complete the Audience selection, select your required qualifying rule(s).

In the Personalisation section, Click on edit. Once the editor opens:

  • Click on the element selector where you want the hello bar is to be placed.

  • A Dialogue pop up appears, click on the "Add element option".

  • Once you click on the "Add element" option, that opens a drawer with the available templates.

    Click on Home Hello bar. Other templates will follow soon

  • Clicking on the template opens the configuration section with options of Position, settings, messages, typography etc.
  • Click on "Position" option to place the hello bar at the desired position. You can place the bar,

Before the selected base element
Above the selected base element
After the selected base element

Following are a few references







  • Click on the "Settings" option to setup the height, width, No of messages (max 5), Duration of the message, Animation type (Left to right, Right to left, Top to Bottom, Bottom to top and coin flip) and the Speed of the animation.

You can also add stickiness (Freeze of the bar against scroll), Close button and initiate close on click of the bar.

  • Messages section allows to add the Different messages that are available through the animated transitions (maximum of 5) along with the CTAs, if any.
  • In the typography section, select the font colour, style size, alignment among others.
  • In the border selection, choose the desired border width and colour
  • In the background selection, choose desired background colour or image.

Thats it! your Home Hello bar is ready to go. Save and exit and then schedule your campaign.

Editing your Home Hello Bar

To edit the Home Hello, click on the base element on the reference of which the bar was placed. This opens up the dialogue pop up with the "Edit Element option".



Please note if you are selecting the parent selection of any element, please ensure to click on the same parent element to access the edit option.


Tracking clicks on the Home Hello Bar

If you are assigning a CTA or even if the bar does not have a CTA, ensure that a track click element has been chosen for the bar.