WhatsApp Optin Management

You can find this under Audience --> WhatsApp

Now, we have made the ability to upload bulk Opt In for WhatsApp customers from Netcore CE itself, earlier Opt In feature was only available on CPASS. Please refer the screengrab below.

One can search, download, reset and do a Bulk Optin of Users.

  • Column should be Mobile number with Country Code and Source respectively.
  • Please note only Comma separated CSV Format (Max file size 20 mb) is Supported.
    Make sure you upload the CSV file with the correct headers and that would take care of that.


Disable Global Opt In flag

There's a way where you can disable global Opt-in flag, by putting a mail to support team. This cab bypass the entire opt in process.
Do it at your own risk, as this could potentially lead to lowering down tier rating.