Downloading Detailed Reports - Raman Personalisation

Raman Personalisation (Onsite Recommendations) now have the ability to send detailed product level reports of your Widget performance, enabling you to extract and use the reports for offline analysis.

The report details out your widget performance, listing out at product level the following:

Product ID
Product Name
Product Category
Product Seen
Product Clicked
Product Add to Cart (ATC)
Product Purchase
Product Revenue

How to download the report

Click on the Download icon on the top righthand corner of your Listing page:


This then opens a drawer wherein you can input the duration of the report desire


Max Duration

A Maximum of 30 days can be chosen per report

1366 1366

Next we choose the parameters that are needed in the report:

Widget Details: Choose the widgets whose reports you want to be extracted
Activity Details: Choose the metrics of the widgets you want to be extracted

1366 1366


Please select the "Unassigned" selection in the widget selection for the report to include products performance that went through without the recommendations and help in the comparison

Next the reports are sent to you via your email address that is added on you to your panel. Choose the desired email address.



The link to download the report expires in 7 days once generated