To use Zalo for business communication, you must either create a new Zalo Official Account or use an existing one.

πŸ”₯ What's Zalo?

Zalo, the go-to platform for businesses, press, and government agencies in Vietnam. It's the perfect hub for conveying information and engaging with customers.

πŸ“£ Why Zalo Notification Service (ZNS)?

With ZNS, you can send customer-centric and personalized notifications, alerts, and reminders seamlessly. Think booking confirmations, banking transaction alerts, order status updates, and payment remindersβ€”all from your Zalo Official Account.

πŸ’Ό Powered by Infobip

We're partnering with Infobip to provide you with top-notch services for effective customer communication through Zalo.

πŸš€ Zalo for Business - Elevate Your Communication! πŸš€

✨ One-Way Communication:

Effortlessly send personalized notifications and reminders to your audience. Streamlined communication at its best!

πŸ” Zalo-Verified Official Account:

Craft a branded and verified profile for your business. Build trust and credibility with your audience.

🎨 Rich Content Creation:

Go beyond basic messages! Create engaging content with accented characters, tables, images, and powerful call-to-action buttons.

πŸ’Έ Low-Cost Messaging:

Cost-effective communication! Send notifications at a low cost and pay only for successfully delivered messages.

πŸ”„ Failover Mechanism:

Ensure message delivery! Integrate Email, WhatsApp, or SMS as a failover option to reach your customers consistently.

πŸŽ‰ Key Feature: 128,000 Promotional Messages/Month!

Yep, you heard it right. With Zalo Notification Service, you get a whopping 128,000 promotional messages every single month. πŸš€ That's a game-changer for your outreach strategy!

πŸ”„ Transactional Messages for the Win

And here's the lowdown β€” while we're making waves with promotional messages, all other messages on Zalo need to be transactional. It's all about striking the perfect balance for maximum impact!

So these are some of the sample Use cases possible.

Account Setup

  • OTP to create a new account
  • OTP to change password
  • Report that account information is complete but not verified
  • Report that an account is waiting for approval
  • Report successful account creation
  • Report expired account

Announcements and Updates about Financial Information

  • Report successful profile creation.
  • Report successful profile approval.
  • Report successful loan disbursement.
  • Notify about account statement.
  • Notify about account balance.
  • Remind customers about upcoming interest or principal payment period.
  • Remind customers about late payment.
  • Notify about successful interest or principal payment.

Notify and Update about Purchase and Sale Transactions

  • Confirm OTP transaction.
  • Notify about out-of-stock product.
  • Confirm successful purchase.
  • Notify about order cancellation.
  • Report shipping status.
  • Inform about the expected delivery date.
  • Confirm that the customer successfully received the product.
  • Notify about changes to appointments or class schedules.