Preferred Channel

It is always important for a marketer to reach out to his customer where he is. Getting the right channel for sending the communication makes a huge difference as customers today have lot of flexibility in terms of channels to engage with the brand.

Preferred channel is a channel where a customer is most active on and is more likely to engage on a specific channel when sent a communication.
A customer might not be aware of a channel he/she is more active on, but as an insight-driven marketer you should be.

Any communication on relevant channel can trigger a potential customer spend.

CEE has a Smart Attribute, 'Preferred Channel' which can be used while creating a Segment & in Journeys.

A Smart Attribute is different from system & custom attributes. A Smart Attribute such as Preferred Channel is an derived attribute by CEE's machine learning algorithm for its contacts having certain historical data. It cannot be upload like other attributes.

While creating a Segment you define if Smart Attribute (Preferred Channel) is equal to email.

In Journeys, you can define a preferred channel under 'Check-if'.

A typical use-case for using preferred channel in journeys is that the marketer now reach it's contacts' preferred channel of interaction.

As shown in following example, if the preferred channel of contacts is email, trigger an email communication, else-if the preferred channel is SMS, trigger an SMS communication and so on.


Criteria for enabling AIML based Preferred Channel.

  • Atleast two channels should be enabled
  • Minimum one campaign (can be any: Broadcast or Journey) run across both the channels in last 6 months
  • Atleast 10000 contacts such that they have received minimum 5 communications on each of any two channels as well as the contacts have responded twice (minimum) any one channel


To enable Preferred Channel for your account or in case of any queries, please contact [email protected]