Journey Dashboard for Individual Journeys

Journey Dashboard Analytics is now available for Individual Journeys

Journey analytics dashboard or as we like to call it 'JD' has been built to give you a snapshot of the most common statistics one wishes to analyze after having successfully deployed a Journey for a few days. Metrics like Conversions, Revenue, sent , Open, Clicked , along with all Comparisons are now available on one single dashboard. It can be found on Engage -> Journeys -> Click on any individual Journey for IA 2.0 or Clicking on Campaigns -> Journey 2.0 ->Click on any individual Journey from the Journey Listing page, incase you are still on IA 1.0.


IA 2.0 is here.

IA 1.0 would be deprecated soon, you may wanna check with Netcore Helpdesk to get yourself upgraded to IA 2.0 if not done already. Irrespective of which IA you belong JD is available for all.

Clicking on Individual Cards in the below template will show you the respective graphs over the Performance period.

Performance Period is the duration for which you wish to see the data for.
A 7 day Performance period would mean data for all communications sent within that duration, in the panels timezone.

All these Graphs are downloadable in PDF, PNG or JPEG formats.


How does the Upliftment calculation in Journey Dashboard works , you may ask?

The calculation logic is as follows.
Performance period = Today @Exact Time Lets say 11AM , Percentage increase/decrease over yesterday,@ 11 AM yesterday.
Performance period = Yesterday, Percentage increase/decrease over a day before that.
Performance period = 7 days, Percentage increase/decrease over 7 days before the last 7 days.
Performance period = 30 days, Percentage increase/decrease over 30 days before the last 30 days.
Performance period = 90 days, Percentage increase/decrease over 90 days before the last 90 days.
Performance period = Custom Range, Percentage increase/decrease over equal number of days before the custom range duration.
All of these calculations are basis the panels timezone, and the performance period selected.
Last we also have the Channel wise performance which shows the channel wise bifurcation of communications sent.



Coming Soon

Unified Journey analytics Dashboard will soon be available for all Journeys.