Netcore plugin for Magento provides an easy way to integrate your Magento stores with Netcore CEE platform within minutes. All you need is a Netcore account and follow these steps to have a seamless flow of events and user data from your Magento store to our platform.


Before proceeding, we highly recommend you to checkout our requirements page to see if this plugin is the right fit for you.

1. Install Plugin

You can choose to install the Netcore Plugin for Magento by either of the 2 ways:

Installation via FTP


(Coming soon!) Installation via Marketplace

2. Enable API mode

Follow the steps mentioned here to enable API mode on Netcore panel.

3. Integrate Magento store

Follow the steps mentioned here to integrate your Magento store with Netcore panel.

Advanced Features

Location Tracking


Uninstalling Magento Plugin

Please follow the steps mentioned here if you want to uninstall the plugin.

In case you have any concerns or queries, do reach out to your Account Manager!

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