Appsflyer OneLink: ESP Integration

Appsflyer OneLink provides seamless deep-linking experience and helps brands create better user journeys across every digital touchpoint increasing installs, revenue, and LTV.

Email continues to play a pivotal role in marketing. But because ESPs, such as CEE “wrap” their links as part of their attribution integration, they often break, resulting in frustrated customers and lost business.

Hence, the integration with OneLink. This will allow users to use the Appsflyer Onlink for deep linking on the CEE platform while ensuring proper redirection and tracking at both the CEE and Appsflyer end.



Currently, the support for Appsflyer OneLink is unavailable for AMP emails sent via CEE .

Requirements for Integration:

The integration process for using Onelink with CEE is very straightforward and requires the client to do the following:

  • Get the custom domain name that you are using in your one link setup.
  • Contact the CEE support, who will register the Onelink domain on the CEE platform.
  • Once this is done, you are ready to use Onelink on CEE for sending emails, once the configuration is completed form Appsflyer end also.