Export Logs (Campaigns)


Export Logs is a one-stop destination for checking the status of all campaign report export activities from the CE panel.

the campaign report export status UI and DIY download screen is available for all IA 2.0 menu customers. With this new screen, you'll be able to view the status & download your requested campaign reports with ease. Our new export UI is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easier than ever to track your progress.

The DIY download screen gives you even more control over your downloads, allowing you to select reports generated and download when required, saving time and increasing productivity.


You can access the given screen via Left Menu > Click on Profile > Export Logs. > Campaign


  • All campaigns report which was one-time download requests generated by users will be listed here.
    • SMS, Email, App Push, Web Push, In-App ( Summary & Detailed)
  • Each request will have the file name, campaign type, channel name, and its status along with the mode of download & the recipient email id info.
  • Progress status info legends:
    In Queue: Requested campaign report is in the queue
    In progress: campaign report is in progress
    Processed: campaign report successfully generated and ready to download.
    Failed: campaign report failed, please try again.
  • Users can do a search via file name or request id.
  • Click on the file name or download button to initiate the report download process. Users would need to do OTP authentication in order to get data downloaded on their devices.
  • If case you need help with adding an email id or have not received a password for detailed report access, kindly check the FAQ's.


Important Points

1 - This screen is available only on IA 2.0 Menu.

2 - Given page will have listing of campaign report which were requested in last 15 days.

3 - In case of campaign report file is removed from server, please initiate the campaign report request again from UI.

4 - Following reports are not yet moved to campaign export UI.

  • WhatsApp Summary & Detailed Report
  • In-App Summary (Direct Download)
  • Webmsg Reports
  • Campaign Reports which are directly downloaded on device.

5 - Please initiate export for failed logs again. If the problem persists, kindly contact support team at [email protected]