SMS Campaign

SMS Broadcast:

SMS through Netcore can now be sent through the CEE panel itself.

To send SMS broadcasts, the prerequisites are:

  1. SMS templates : You can upload the SMS templates in the Content section.
  2. Channels : SMS are sent through SMS sending accounts. You need to configure the channels that you want to use. Please contact the CEE support team for the same.

To send an SMS broadcast

1348 1348
  1. Go to Campaigns
  2. Click on Broadcast > SMS > Regular.
  3. In the Message Header section, provide the name of the broadcast.
  4. You can tag the broadcast to make your searches efficient.
  5. Select the channel through which you want to send the broadcast.
  6. Advanced Details allow you to set a limit to the number of contacts to whom you wish to send the broadcast. For instance: If the List comprises 100 contacts, and you set the contact limit to 80, the broadcast will be sent to any 80 contacts of the list.
  7. In the Contacts section, select either All Identified Contacts or specific List/Segment to which you wish to send the broadcast.
  8. In the Message section, you can either select a pre-defined SMS content that you would have defined in the SMS Templates section, or you can create an a new template here.
  9. To select a previously created template, select Existing else select New.
  10. If you select Existing, select the template from the drop-down that appears. Else, write the SMS content in the SMS Content box.
  11. Before sending the actual SMS broadcast, you can send it to few mobile numbers for testing. This step is optional.
  12. If you wish to send the broadcast now, select Send now, else select the date and time to schedule the broadcast for a later date.
  13. You must save the Broadcast before publishing it. Click Save as Draft.
  14. Click Publish to World.

You can view the status of the broadcast in the SMS Broadcast dashboard.

Copy Broadcast: If you have to create a broadcast which is similar to an existing one, you can make a copy and make edits. Go to the broadcast dashboard and click Copy against the broadcast you want to reuse, and then click Edit against the copied broadcast to make your edits.


SMS Character Count Limit

  1. In the case of English Characters, the limit is that of 160 Characters per SMS. If the limit is crossed then it becomes 2 SMSes. In the case of more than 1 SMS, per SMS character count is reduced to 153 characters.

  2. In the case of Multilingual Characters(Non - English Character), per SMS characters allowed is 70 Characters. If limit crossed, it becomes 2 SMSes. In the case of more than 1 SMS, per SMS character count is reduced to 67 Characters.

Even if a single character is Multilingual in an ocean English characters, the whole SMS will be calculated as per the multilingual character count logic.