Setting up nudge priority

The Nudge Priority feature lets you define the priority for showing the different sets of nudges on the basis of the eligibility of the consumer cohorts. This priority will be used to decide whether higher priority nudges are shown or not or which nudge to show first whenever there are multiple nudges are competing for the same space.

This guide will help you understand how this works and how you can set the nudge priority.


This feature is available from Android Nudge SDK 8.6.8 and onwards.

Setting up the nudge priority

Please follow the below steps to set the priority for all nudges.

  1. Go to nudge journeys listing page
  2. Click on the nudge priority button shown below.
  1. The default group has all the nudges which are not prioritized. Here, you can drag and position the nudges to reorder them and prioritize.
  2. You can also drag and move the nudges to different groups and add nudges there to set the priorities.
  3. Click on Save to apply the changes.

How it works

We use nudge priority and corresponding group priority values as a deciding factor whenever showing the nudge. You can expect the below behavior:

  • Default Group behavior - Nudges in this group are shown to all eligible users as and when the trigger condition happens.
  • For the default group, we do not check if higher priority nudges are shown or not.
  • If two or more nudges have the same trigger conditions, a nudge having higher priority will be shown first and it will be followed by a nudge of lower priority given the user stays on the same screen.
  • Priority Group behavior - Group priority and nudge priority values are always followed when rendering the nudges on the user's device. In other words, the SDK uses this configuration to check if the nudges of higher priority are already shown or not before showing the nudges of a lower priority.
  • If higher priority nudges are not shown from the group, the nudge of a lower priority will be dropped and will not be shown to the user. This
  • If higher priority nudges are shown at least once from the given group, the nudge of lower priority will be shown basis trigger criteria. It will not be dropped.
  • If there are two or more nudges belonging to different groups and having the same trigger criteria, the nudge of higher group priority will be shown first, followed by the nudge having lower group priority.
  • All newly created nudges will fall under the default group by default.


Best practices

  1. It is best to use nudge priority configuration in conjunction with other features like frequency capping where you get complete control of how many nudges are shown to the users and which nudges should be part of that limited set.
  2. We recommend using this feature cautiously, as this may impact the nudge views. For example, do not prioritize a nudge where trigger event rarely happens over a nudge which is most likely seen by everyone. In such a scenario, create a different priority group to assign priorities to the nudge.