We provide a mobile app SDK that can help you track, analyze, and engage with your app customers.

These are the following capabilities of Netcore CE App SDK:

  • User and event tracking
  • Customer engagement channels
    • App push notifications
    • In-app messaging
  • Product experience

Integration Guides

You can experience a seamless, clutter-free onboarding with our enhanced DIY integration flow for your app integration. With this, you can rapidly integrate your app features and validate their functionality. You can also test your integration as soon as possible. Refer to the Android SDK Integration page for details of the integration process.

Explore the integration guide list below to integrate SDK into your app:

Refer to our Github repository for additional resources and code samples.

SDK Size

You can refer to the following table for Netcore CE App SDK code size:

Android SDK size (CE)400-600KB
Android SDK Size (CE + PX)800-1,000 KB
iOS SDK size (CE + PX)1,071 KB compressed
iOS SDK (CE + PX)3,379 KB uncompressed