CEE provides mobile app SDK that can help you track, analyze and engage with your app customers.

Quick Summary of CEE App SDK capabilities

  • User and Event Tracking
  • Customer Engagement Channels
    • App Push Notifications
    • In-app Messaging
  • Product Experience

Integration Guides

Now have a seamless and decluttered onboarding experience with our new and improved DIY flow for your app integration. Through this you not only be able to integrate our app features quickly but also validate their functioning simultaneously. This brings you an added advantage of even testing your integrstion then adn there. we call this our ease of onboarding flow.

PlatformRefer to below easy integration guide
AndroidQuick and easy Android app integration
iOSComing soon!

This guide will help you get started with the integration of SDK in your app.

How is your app built?Refer to below integration guide
Native AndroidIntegrate Native Android SDK
Native iOSIntegrate Native iOS SDK
React NativeIntegrate React Native SDK
CordovaIntegrate Cordova SDK

Netcore's Github repo is available here.