Enabling API mode

This is a mandatory step, enabling the API mode on Netcore panel helps in generating an API key which is used to enable multiple features offered by this plugin.

Follow this easy 2 step process to get your API key!

Step 1: Enable API mode

Login to your Netcore panel and go to Admin > Account Configuration and scroll down to API mode. Choose the radio button for enable.



API Limit

Recommended API limit is 20k

Step 2: Assign email ID to admin user



  • Admin User
    An admin user is by default present on any Netcore panel.
  • Admin Email ID
    We recommend using Magento store owner email ID here. This email ID will be sent an email for status of each batch of historical sync, if selected.
  • Magento Admin Dashboard
    We recommend using the same email ID here

Once enabled, go to Admin > User Management and search for "admin" user.


Hover over "admin" to see "Edit" option to open below area and add the email ID and click "Save Changes" to generate API key.



Now that you have enabled API mode, perform the next steps to complete the integration