Revenue Dashboard

For every business, it’s important to keep an eye on revenue to understand the trend quarter-on-quarter or year-on-year basis so that the decisions can be made accordingly.
CEE now offers a Revenue dashboard to help its users track and analyse the revenue generated their brands. The Revenue being tracked is for the overall revenue being generated via digital assets as well as the revenue being generated through CEE campaigns. This document details on how to setup and view the revenue dashboard.

To start off, there is no need for additional integration steps to set up your revenue dashboard. CEE would track the events being passed to it to collate and present the revenue dashboard.


Revenue dashboard would be available under the "Dashboards & Reports" in the "Insights" section of the CEE menu. On Revenue dashboard fist step is to click on "Lets Get Started". Here you would be required to select your "Revenue Activity" and the "Revenue Parameter"

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Revenue Activity:
Revenue Activity refers to the conversion event that is being passed on to CEE. Example: Checkout, Product purchase.

Revenue Parameter:
Revenue Parameter is the parameter that is being utilized to send across the revenue in the Activity. Example: Amount, price

Overall Revenue

Once your Revenue activity and parameter is selected, you are set to go and land on the "Overall Revenue" tab of the dashboard. This tab presents all revenue that is being passed to CEE via your assets (Web, App and offline) irrespective if the conversions are being done via CEE campaigns.


In the beta phase of the dashboard, you would be seeing data for all you contacts, platforms and duration of your choice (max 3 months).

In the overall revenue section, you would see the tabs: "Total Revenue", "Total Transactions", "Paying users", "ARPPU" and "AOV"


Total Revenue
The total overall revenue being generated for the filters chosen.

Total Transactions
The number of transactions leading to the Total revenue being generated.

Paying users
The total unique paying users leading to the revenue being generated.

The Average revenue per paying paying users being generated.

The Average order value is the average transaction value.

Each tab presents the value of the metric and the lift or drop from the last period and also corresponds to to its trend graph.

The graph which is essentially a time series graph, dictates the respective metric with the duration selected. Each metric can be viewed in a day wise, week wise and month wise manner. Following image demonstrates the "ARPPU" metric in a day wise manner.


Alternation visualizations and export

You can change your visualization style of the graph from a trendline to a bar graph or vice versa, as you see fit.

You can also export your graphs as JPEG, PNG and PDF from the same action buttons

Enabling Average marker and Goal Target marker

Do you want see what your average has been like for the trend that you see on your graph? You got it! just enable the "Average" toggle and your set.

Enable the "Goal Target" marker to visually track your goals on the graph. Once you enable the toggle, you would be asked for your daily goal, enter it (Eg: 8000000). When you are in the Week Wise view on the graph, your daily goal would be converted to your weeks goal and your months goal would be similarly shown on the month wise view.

CEE Revenue

CEE revenue tab describes the revenue contribution to your overall revenue from CEE, i.e., the amount of revenue you generated from CEE campaigns.


The Tabs you see here are as follows:

  • Total Revenue: This is same as the previous tab (Overall revenue), the total revenue generated irrespective if they are from CEE campaigns or organic, for context.

  • CEE Revenue: The describes the CEE revenue generated from CEE Campaigns.

  • Total Transaction: Total transactions received via CEE Campaigns.

  • Paying Users: Unique paying users who transacted via CEE Campaigns.

  • ARPPU: The average revenue per paying users from CEE Campaigns.


Attribution logic

The Attribution logic here used to attribute the revenue or conversion to CEE campaigns is "Last Click in Session - 30 minutes"