Web Push Opt-Ins

To get Started with running Web Push Notifications following two things are to be done -

  1. Configure Web Push Notification
  2. Create a Web Push Message

Configure Web Push Notification

Step 1: Head over to Assets

STEP 1 - Head over to Assets > Web. Click on View/Edit of the website, for which WPN will be run.


Click here to get started with Adding Website over in Assets Section.

Step 2: Enable Browser Push Notification

. If the domain is HTTP, then a two-step opt-in will be required, which is, a subdomain name is to be added since for running Web Push Notifications an https domain is required.

If domain HTTPS, the subdomain input area will not appear.

Whether single opt-in or two-step opt-in, options will be separate for both Chrome and Safari.


Enable Browser Push Notification

Step 3 - Enter your FCM details

(Authorisation Key, API Key, Sender ID, Project ID & App ID) to enable running of Web Push Notifications in Chrome and Mozilla. For Web Push Notification to run in Safari, configure APNS details(Push Certificate and Intermediate Certificate Password).


  1. Click here to Get Started with FCM(Firebase Cloud Messaging) and for FCM details.

  2. Once FCM details have been added, a sw.js file is to be put in the Javascript. Click here for details.

  3. For APNS details, contact [email protected].

  4. For APNs, post-safari 12.1 update, double opt-in is mandatory irrespective of whether domain Http or https. User interaction is mandatory for opt-in to be shown. Hence the secondary opt-in in case of two-step opt-in acts as user interaction.

Creating Web Push Message

Single Opt-in

Configure Overlay color, transparency and help text for the single opt-in

Single Opt-In

Single Opt-In

Double Opt-in

With the help of this option, you will be able to customize the Opt-In message. Customization such as Layout Appearance and Placement on the website.

Double Opt-In

Double Opt-In

Opt-In Rules

Configure Opt-In rules if you wish to show the Opt-In message only after the user satisfies the set conditions.

Opt-In rules consists of the following things -

  1. Page URL
  2. Scroll Percentage
  3. Time spent on Page
  4. Time spent on the website in the current visit
  5. Repeat Subscription Prompt
Opt-In Rules

Opt-In Rules


  1. Head over to the Web Integration Doc if Web Integration and Activity Tracking configuration not done.
    This is required in Order to Publish Web Push and to track the events accordingly.

  2. In case of any queries, please contact [email protected]