SMS 2.0 (New)

Follow the instructions below to send an SMS using the Netcore customer engagement panel:

Login into the Netcore customer engagement panel and click on create (on the top left of the panel) >> user engagement >> SMS under campaign

Under Set up:
You can enter campaign information such as the name of the campaign, add up to 5 tags to make your search more efficient, and a conversion goal to check if the campaign has achieved a set conversion goal.


The target audience can be selected using:

  • Segment/list (can be identified with separate legends)
  • All contacts
  • User Data Table
    Exclude contacts to exclude specific lists and segments from the campaign's chosen target audience. The limit for selecting list/segments will be 15 per campaign


  • Add in the sender details by selecting a channel, sender ID, and custom domain.
  • Select your SMS template from the existing template or create an SMS template on the fly by clicking on 'Create new template'
  • After template selection you can send a test SMS by clicking on send test SMS, you can select the pre-defined phone number or simply type the phone number.

Note: For sending test SMS you have to upload the phone numbers list on the panel.



  • If frequency capping is enabled for the panel, the frequency capping option is enabled by default for broadcast campaign
  • You can disable the frequency capping option for a specific campaign by switching off the toggle
  • You can set the frequency capping
  • You can send SMS immediately or schedule it later
  • Set throttle limit ( this feature is available on request)

Then you can preview your whole campaign before saving it and publishing it or you can simply save and exit.


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