A/B and Split Testing for App Push Notification

Every marketer needs a facility to change and optimize campaign messages.

Netcore CEE provides 2 facilities in-app push notification campaign :

  • A/B testing
  • Split Message

CEE provides facility to create up to 3 variants of push notification message and test.

You can choose the audience size to whom campaign needs to be executed.
When it comes to content section marketer can create a different message within 3 variants and plan these campaigns accordingly.

A/B testing

A/B testing has 3 things when these type of campaigns are planned -

  • Create content variants
  • Select the audience size for these variants and decide winner audience size
  • Select winner selection criteria

Create content variants


Create multiple variants. While creating campaign.

You can create a new variant, you can try different image, text, tag, CTA.

Three variants can be created. Default variant will be A. New variants can be cloned or can be a new variant.

Select the audience size for multiple variants and winner size

Once the multiple variants are decided you can choose the audience size w.r.t. These created variants.

The minimum limit will be 10% for variants or winner criteria.


Distributing content variants with setting up winner and winner criteria

Select winner selection criteria

Winner selection will be either click or conversion. In case of click, it’s a total number of click. If the conversion is selected then conversion needs to be defined at the start of the campaign.

Split Testing

Split testing is used to create multiple variants and distribute it among the audience without winner criteria.

Eg. A marketer can create 3 variants for a single campaign and distribute these 3 variants among the audience

The process of creating content and creating difference variant is same as A/B testing.

In audience selection, the audience size can be divided. The minimum limit will be 10% for a variant.


Distributing content in Split Testing