User segments as target audience

User Segments play a pivotal role in serving personalized product experiences to different sets of users. Such segments let you target users based on user attributes (like location, age, interests, etc), and event properties (like payments due, purchase, etc).



For creating user segments, ensure that you have done the SDK integration for Product Experience.
You can find integration documentations here : Android, iOS, Website

Hansel dashboard enables you to select either client-side segments or server-side segments to define target users for your nudge journey.

Create client-side user segment

You can use client-side user segments if you want to keep user data at the client-side and use this information to create segment conditions.

Here's a quick overview of steps to create client-side user segments on the Hansel dashboard.


Read more about operators available for creating segment conditions here.

Create server-side user segment

You can use server-side user segments if you want to utilize data sent to CEE servers and use such user profile attributes and events data to create segment conditions.

Here, you will need to create server-side segments on the CEE panel. Know more about it here or reach out to your account manager for more details.