Send Time Optimization in APN

The Send Time Optimization (STO) is a powerful Machine Learning Capability of Netcore CE. It allows you to personalize the communication time for each user based on their engagement behavior with your brand.

With STO, users receive emails at their preferred time, determined by their past interaction patterns. For example, if a user consistently opens emails at 1:00 PM, the system will send their next email at 1:00 PM using STO, increasing the likelihood of them opening the email.

To determine the preferred hour for each user, Raman (Netcore ML Engine) analyzes the user's past engagement behavior (opens and clicks) with APNs (App Push Notifications). This prediction helps optimize the timing of APN delivery. Users who do not meet the eligibility criteria of minimum data requirement for predicting a preferred hour will be grouped under the unpredictable base. The unpredictable userbase does not have a preferred hour assigned to them.

By leveraging the STO feature, you can enhance the effectiveness of your APN communication and increase user engagement.

How does this work?

In every STO, Raman will send the communication to all users at their Preferred hour.

  • These campaigns will be executed across 24 hour by default from the selected start time of the campaign.
  • You can also set the end-time for the campaign in case you do not want the campaign to run for 24 hours.
    NOTE : You can set the end-time of a campaign atleast 4 hours after the start time.

The rest of the user which is the unpredictable base as well as the user who's preferred hour does not fall between the start and end time are grouped together and have the following options:

  • Send at best time : All users will be sent the communication at the most Preferred time across the entire user base of the client for that channel. This time is derived from the engagement dashboard.
  • Send at custom time : Send at a time selected by the users within the 24 hours window from the start time of the campaign.
    NOTE : You can set the custom time atleast 4 hours after the start time.
  • Send at the start time : Send at the start of the email campaign. This would be the default selection as well.

Attribute creation

When STO is enabled for your panel, two new attributes will be created in the All contacts page.

  • APN_PH_WEEK - Preferred Hour for each individual user.
  • Values in this attribute will be (0 to 23) or NULL - (0 is 12am, 23 is 11pm)


STO only works on APNs campaigns.

To enable this feature please contact [email protected]
The Send Time Optimisation algorithm training duration is 24 hrs (max)

Schedule Campaign

Schedule Campaign

Control group

You can also add a control group to your STO campaign just by enabling the control group toggle in the Schedule section.

  • Simply select the percentage of your audience that you want to assign to the control group.
  • By default, control group time will be set to one hour from the campaign start time. However you can change it to anytime within 24 hours from the start time.
  • Control group users would be picked up randomly from the predictable user base which means only user who have a preferred hour assigned to them.

Control group helps you to compare and analyse the effectiveness of the STO model. Control group users are selected from your preferred hour base (active users) and email is sent to all of them at the same specified time. You can then compared the results of this group to the users who were sent at their preferred hours.

Preview of Send Time Optimization

Preview of Send Time Optimization

Campaign Listing
The STO output will be visible under Engage > Campaigns section.

Campaign Report

Campaign Report

Criteria for enabling AI/ML-based Send time Optimisation

  • At least 10 campaigns (Broadcast) done in the last three months.
  • Average Click Rate for the campaigns to be greater than 2%.
  • Minimum active users on the panel should be greater than 10,000.