Frequency Capping


The frequency capping is the maximum number of communications that a contact can receive for each channel within the specified time period. If the limit is reached, the contact will receive no more receive the communication

How does it work?

Once the frequency cap is enabled, you can define the communication limits of each channel.
The counts are applicable for both broadcast and journey.
According to the limits defined for each channel, the system shall check the number of communications sent to the user in the given time period/horizon
If the limit is reached, the communication will not be sent and such user count will be shown in the not sent column of the list view report for that broadcast.

Applicable to broadcast and journey

For a broadcast campaign, the FC is default applicable and you can skip it.

For a journey, the FC needs to be enabled. By default it's disabled.
Once it's enabled the user will not receive the communication and he will "removed from journey".

For both broadcast and journey when communication is not sent due to FC then respective reports will be available.



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