Unified View of Contact

Unified View of Contact enables you to view contact as an individual and gives the power to see all the profile & activity data in real-time. It provides a multi-dimensional single view of a contact. Unified View of the Contact comprises contacts’ demographic data, transaction history, and their real-time activities across channels - all in one place. Get a unified 360-degree view of individual customers in the best view possible!

To see the Unified View of a Contact, go to Audience > All Contacts, and click on the primary key of the contact whom you wish to view.

In the new UVC, we can:

  • View the customer's entire profile details - attributes & key details, the status of activity, date and time of last addition/modification done, primary key & a lot more
  • Analyze the Timeline of the communications sent to the customer - with the campaign details
  • Export the Timeline data as a CSV to your device
  • Know all details on the lists, segments, custom control groups, and journeys that the customer is a part of

Unified View of a Single Contact


Active/Inactive Status

If no channel, onsite or offline activity is done by the customer in the last 30 days, he/she is assigned an inactive status



Available only on Audience 2.0