Raman Insights

As a Marketeer or a Product manager, there are a couple.. actually a lot data points that you need to have a track on.

  • How Many users are on my App/Website right now?
  • How Many users were on my App/Website today/This week/This month?
  • How many users are uninstalling my App? How much revenue did I generate?
  • How many users are engaging with my communications?

The questions are endless. But they are important to understand the trend, if everything is working as it should and to act upon if anything is not.

Enter Raman

What if, you did not need to be glued to a dashboard to know when somethings wrong or very right?

And once identified, you don't have to look through a ton of data more to know why that happened!

Sounds great right!

With Raman Insights, CEE makes this a reality.

How does Raman Help?

Raman sorts through your data 24 x 7 and when an abnormality, good or bad, is detected he alerts you on the Raman insights dashboard.

Raman benefits from looking at data from a far longer horizon and a ton of data points together, bringing in a perspective of detecting abnormality soon and understanding why it happened:

Did any CEE campaigns impact?
Did any other Metrics impact?
Is this abnormality seasonal?

With Raman on watch, the probability of you missing out on anything reduces to near zero!

Time Period for detection:

  • 7, 15, 30, 45, 60 days

Some of the things Raman monitors right now:

Overall Revenue
CEE revenue
Average Revenue Per Paying User
App Uninstalls
App launches
Daily Active Users
Monthly Active Users
Email, APN, BPN opens and clicks


You can tell Raman the custom activities & funnel conversion activities that you need insights on and I will track it for you.


Raman identifies the the indicators that led to the insight. The indicators are of three categories:

  • Campaign associated indicators: If any broadcast, onsite or journey campaign has led to insight occurring

  • Business metric indicators: Did any change in metrics such as DAUs lead to the insight

  • Trend and seasonality indicators: Has this occurred before?



Diagnostics, at the moment, in unavailable for user defined insights


Raman insights dashboard

When I am on watch, the probability of you missing out on anything reduces to zero!



  • App/web data being passed on to CEE
  • Transactional data for Revenue related insights
  • Raman needs to have read a minimum of 45 days of data to start showing insights