WhatsApp in Unified campaign flow

WhatsApp is the most engaged channels of all, and in line with Netcore's vision of omni channel experience. This doc covers in detailed implementation of the same.

WhatsApp is available across servers, but is a configurable feature, and has to be enabled by [email protected]. If you already have a CPASS panel, it's just a matter of enabling whatsApp from account configuration settings on your panel.


Release limitations

This release of WhatsApp is only available on IA 2.0 UI

Please watch the below video to about Netcore WhatsApp Campaign abilities

WhatsApp campaign flow is very similar to other(Email/SMS/APN/WPN) campaigns that one may have used in the past. If not any campaign has

  1. Who to send?
  2. What to send?
  3. When to send?

which are respectively covered in Setup --> Audience --> Content --> Schedule and finally Preview and Publish.

  • Setup covers the Campaign Name, Tags associated with that campaign, which you may use as a filter on the unified listing page, and Link tracking Status (Enabled or Disabled)

  • Audience section is where we decide who is your target audience basis your marketing strategy. Since this is one the most highly engaged and rather an expensive channel, you might wanna be careful of you decide to target, or else you may end up burning through your marketing budget.
    You can select a max. of 5 list/segments, similarly you can exclude 5 list/segments

  • Not all contacts are reachable - We have algorithms in place to give you a realistic impact of the campaigns in terms of Reachable contact widget.

  • Content section supports all types of Meta approved templates, be it Rich Media, or CTA templates etc. one can also change Default Media URL, attributes mapping on a campaign level.
    You also have the ability to personalize Media URL's, CTA Dynamic links and along with that you can rewrite map attribute values.
    As is with everything which can be personalized, all attributes also support default Values, i.e. in the event that a personalized parameter ex. First Name is not available against an Primary key, we could send "User" as a Default value , Dear "User", Please pick up your order from your doorstep.

CTA Dynamic link trackable - be sure to pass entire links in attributes for ex.

CTA Dynamic link Non- trackable - be sure to pass only dynamic part of the links in attributes for ex. /share/5698bd1c9738447da73da0f32a472edc

CTA Static templates cannot be personalized.

  • Content section also allows you to test a message before publishing a campaign.
  • They have to valid numbers.
  • Already part of your contact master and opted-in.
  • Pro tip : use preset whatsApp number feature, to prefetch any previously used numbers in the test campaign, save you the efforts of inputting multiple numbers every time you publish a campaign.
  • One can configure default values in Audience --> Attributes -->🔍(Name of the Attribute)--> Edit
Create an Attribute

Create an Attribute

  • Finally, you can schedule as per Send Now or Send later basis the timezone you want to publish your campaign on.

  • Preview helps you with a snapshot of your campaign with all important things to know right on the screen itself. if you feel, you would like to edit something, yo umay click on edit and change it and republish.

Unified listing - We made couple of changes, we have now have segregated Opened/Delivered columns to Delivered || Opened/Read.

Reporting as of today we support Summary as well detailed report, which are downloadable and easily accessible.

Rich Media in campaigns

The ability to upload media such as images, videos, and documents is a key feature in enhancing the engagement and communication capabilities of your messaging campaigns. This documentation provides a step-by-step guide on how to upload various types of media files directly to our platform, enabling you to seamlessly incorporate rich media into your messages.

Uploading Media

Supported Media Types:

Images (PNG, JPEG, GIF)
Videos (MP4)
Documents (PDF, DOCX)