Activity Dashboard

CEE offers a new Activity dashboard that enables the marketer to view and analyse the performance of different web, app, and custom activities of the contacts.

Marketer can select the Web/App/Other (all custom activities) and also the website/app (when there are multiple) to view the details of the respective activities.

The salient features are:

  • Marketer can view the performance of a single activity over a selected period of time. By default, the primary and secondary activities are Visitors and Unique Visitors respectively over last 1 week.
  • Compare the performance of two activities over a selected period of time
  • Download the Summary, Activity and its Attribution report
  • For each activity, a detailed insight on the distribution based on browser, OS, device, attribution distribution of the activity is shown in graphical format.
  • Marketer can add any payload parameter (that is already defined as part of the activity), and view the distribution graph over the values of that parameter. For example, for Add to Cart activity, if the marketer adds “Product Category” as the payload parameter, and there are 5 product categories, then the marketer can view the distribution graph for the same, i.e percentage of contacts who performed the Add to Cart activity for each of the five product categories.


Coming Soon with version 2.0