Follow Ups Broadcasts

Follow Ups are automated emails sent to the contact as soon as it is added to CEE.

For example, to each contact who is added, a welcome email must be sent, or, for an online course, the study material is to be sent as soon as the registration form is filled up.

So, for Follow up Broadcasts, All Identified Contacts or the selected List is checked for new additions after the defined interval and the Broadcasts are sent.

To send Follow Ups:

  • Go to Campaigns > Broadcasts > Email > Follow Ups.
  • In the Message Header section, enter the details as required.
  • In the Interval field, enter the number of days at the interval of which you want to send the emails.
    For example: If the Contact should receive the broadcast after 2 days of getting added to the List, then the interval should be "2".
  • Schedule the time of sending the email in the Schedule Time field.
  • For the remaining sections, follow the steps similar to those required for creating a Regular Broadcast.
  • Click Save as Draft to save the Broadcast.
  • Preview it if you wish, and click Publish to World.

The Follow Ups Dashboard displays all the Broadcasts in CEE. To stop a running Follow Up Broadcast, click the Suspend link.

A suspended Broadcast can be re-queued again, that is, you can start sending the Broadcast again.