Custom Unsubscribe in Email

If you want to use your own custom unsubscribe link instead of the default unsubscribe link (generated by Netcore) on the panel, then you can use this feature.

The default unsubscribe link will be disabled on the panel and you can pass a personalized link in HTML (email template) that will be redirected to the landing page created by you.

Steps to follow

  1. The default unsubscribe link (created by Netcore) will be enabled by default.
  2. If you want to utilise your own custom unsubscribe link, you can contact customer service.
  3. Our email deliverability specialist will provide our customer support staff his or her permission. The email deliverability specialist will examine the email's performance, as well as the domain's reputation, before approving it.
  4. The customer service representative will then disable the panel's default unsubscribe link and confirm.
  5. Add a custom unsubscribe link in HTML (template) and handle user unsubscribes from your end.