Introduction and Overview

CEE is a business tool to build direct and deep bonds with existing customers and attract new customers. This is done by sending them opt-in- based SMS content, engaging them with interactive services and collecting their feedback.

CEE allows enterprises to reach out to each of their audience in a highly personalized and innovative manner through SMS on the mobile phone. This permission-based platform eliminates the possibility of spam, which users find intrusive.

Typically, there are three type of SMSes you can send using this panel:

  1. Promotional: You can send out any promotional SMS using this type of channel, however, the SMS will not be delivered to DND numbers. Also, the SMS will go via any random number used as Sender ID. Eg: VM-65842

  2. Grey-Trans: Grey Trans is where you send out promotional SMSes, however, they are sent with a 6-letter sender ID. Please note that even these SMSes will not be delivered to DND nos.

  3. Transactional: Purely transactional information is to be sent when using this channel, as the SMSes will get delivered to DNS numbers as well. Also, these messages will go via a 6-leter sender ID related to your company.

Please find below the process of Validating the Sender IDs:
Validating a sender ID usually takes 2-3 working days. There are certain documents required to validate the same as follows:

  1. TRAI Declaration document duly signed and stamped by the authorized person of your company
  2. Optin Proof: You can provide any one of the following requirements as Optin Proof:

Opt-in Proof Format:

  1. Screen shot of your application.
  2. Back end data logs.
  3. Online registration form.
  4. Scanned copy of registration form.
  5. HR portal screen shot (In case of employee).

Required details in opt-in proof:

  1. Mobile Number.

  2. Subscriber Name.

  3. Registration date (Not older than 6 month from NDNC Complaint).

  4. Terms and conditions for SMS Communication.

  5. Other related details.

  6. Sample Messages: Please note that the Grey-Trans and Trans messages will not be delivered unless the templates to be sent are validated from or support team. While validating the sender ID, it is mandatory to send the sample templates which you plan to send via sender ID.