Customer Engagement

Using the CEE panel, you can engage with your website users via engagement channels like web push notifications & web messages.

Step 1: Complete basic setup

Please ensure that you have done the Basic Setup of CEE Web SDK in your website.

Step 2: Web push notifications

For web push notifications, you need to do the below configuration for FCM and APNS.

1: Setup FCM Configuration

Please follow FCM Configuration to setup FCM configuration for your website

2: Setup APNS Configuration

Please follow APNS Configuration to setup APNS configuration for your website


Click here to check out best practices & common FAQs while migrating your exiting subscribers to Netcore Cloud's platform.

Step 3: Web messages

The Basic Setup of CEE Web SDK in your website is enough to run basic web messages.

For complex use cases involving events and user segmentation, please head over to User & Event Tracking section.


Go here to setup further features!