Dynamic Email Broadcasts


Dynamic Broadcasts are customised emails for each recipient. This customisation is based on the attributes of the Contacts. For example, a Broadcast clothing and accessories can be designed in such a way that the females receive details about the women clothing and accessories, while the male contacts get content about men's collection.

Dynamic Broadcasts help you improve the relevancy of the emails.


  • Identify the Contacts whom you wish to target.
  • Ensure that the attributes required for creating the dynamic content are defined.
    Once you have this data, you can develop appropriate content that addresses the specific needs and offers relevant content to each segment.


To be able to use dynamic content, you need to follow a specific syntax.


The Dynamic condition must necessarily start with [*| IF:

The Dynamic condition must necessarily end with [*|ENDIF:|*]

All attributes must be in the uppercase and must be enclosed in [ ]
Example - [GENDER]

Attribute values should be enclosed in ' '
Example: [*| IF: [NAME] == 'Raja's'

Attribute value must not contain an apostrophe.

Attribute values:
a. Can be alpha-numeric
Example: ADDRESS1
b. Must not begin with a number
Example: 12fname
c. Must not contain hyphens (-)

The statement ELSE is optional.

There can be spaces in between.
Example: [*| IF: [GENDER] == 'F' AND [CITY] == 'DELHI' |*]

There is no restriction on the number of ELSEIF statements

You can use following operators to compare attribute value
Equal to==[AGE] == '30'
Not Equal to!=[AGE] != '30'
Less Than<[AGE] < '30'
Less Than or equal to<=[AGE] <= '30'
Greater Than>[AGE] > '30'
Greater Than or equal to> =[AGE] >= '30'
Operators AND/OR can be used for comparison in between two conditions
Example: [*| IF:[GENDER] == 'F' AND [CITY] == 'DELHI' |*]


The email shown below is that of an e-commerce portal. The sample code shows how a single piece of HTML code dynamically shows two different versions of the email for male and female recipients. The text, images and messaging have been personalized to suit the selected segment.


Example of Dynamic Email