Raman Recommendations in APN template

Now you can send Raman Recommendation via app push notifications to your customers.

Follow below steps to get started with creating App push template for Raman Recommendations. Please note you can only send triggered communication using this template in journeys.

  1. Go to Template Section on your CEE panel and click on App Push option.
  2. Click on Create Template button. You will see screen like given below. Fill in template name, select apps, add tags for categorizing the template.
  3. Next step is to enable 'Recommendations powered by Raman' section.
  4. You will see options to select various types of Recommendations type as given below:
  • Recommended for you
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Based on latest buying pattern
  • Based on latest viewing pattern
  • Best selling
  • Hot and trending
  • Recently viewed
  • New arrivals
  1. Image count - here you can select the number of image banners to be used in the notification. 1 image option will show notification as big image style push notification. More than 1 images option will show notification in carousel layout.
  2. Once all required information is filled. You can click on Next to go the content section.

On content section,

  1. You can title, message, landing page url/deeplink for your notification.
  2. Based on the image count selected in previous step, you will be presented with option of adding image url or carousel slides options.
  3. Here, you can use the 'personalization' icon to choose the parameter to added in the given field. For example, you can add recommendation parameter 'image_url' in Image URL field.

Refer to the screenshot given below.

  1. Click on Preview & Save button to save the template.

You can use this template in your journey to send triggered notification of Raman recommendations to your customers.

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