Segmentation is a powerful marketing tool that helps you in sending highly personalized and relevant content to your contacts. CEE provides a very advanced segmentation feature with which you can create fine segments based on complex rules.

In a nutshell, segments are a rule-based dynamic collection of All contacts

The highlights are:

  • You can create segments out of the complete contact database, across multiple lists, churn segments
  • Segmentation conditions can be based on user attributes, activity data, devices data, and reachability on various communication channels.
  • Each segment can be based on up to 50 conditions per block with 3 permissible blocks

Segment Listing

  • To view the created segments, go to Audience > Segments.
  • To perform an action a segment, click on the kebab menu options for editing the segment, downloading, Refreshing, deleting, or duplicating the segment.
  • To view channel reachability on Email, SMS, App push & Web push for each segment users.
  • To Sort Table on the basis of created dates of segments or refreshed time of segments

Create a Segment

You can search by segment name or ID using the search bar
Click on Email/SMS reachable channel counts to view contacts that lie under the selected criteria. Create Email/SMS campaigns on the fly!



  • We will not have suppress list/segment creation in new Audience/Segmentation
  • Subsequently, we will display all lists & segments in the exclude contacts section in the campaign creation flow (as opposed to only suppressed lists/segments)
  • Existing suppress lists/segments will be identified with an asterisk (*) at the end

Creating segments

To create a segment:

  • Go to Audience > Segments > Create Segment
  • In the Create Segment page, at the Select contact type option, select the List(s)/Segment(s) or Contact set out of which you want to create the segment
  • Provide the name of your segment at the Untitled segment box on top
  • Select the conditions of segmentation as required. Select AND or OR based on your requirement.
  • To add a block, click ADD BLOCK
  • After you have defined all the conditions for your segment, click Save or Get count to check how many users lie in that segment
  • Click on ADD to select channel activities (engagement, behavioral, attributes, technographic or via reachable channels) to add default condition. You can alter according to your requirement and get count/save segment!
    You can now copy segment conditions & alter them in the same block to create a segment

Segmentation Conditions

Let us understand the segmentation conditions:


Attributes are characteristics of your contacts. For example, email address, name, age, gender, salary, location, etc. Segmentation based on the attributes facilitates sending personalized marketing content. For example, if you wish to send city-specific offers to customers of the 30-40 age group, you can create segments accordingly, and send the content.

A sample segment based on attributes can be:


Sample Attributes


The different activities that the contacts perform:
List Activity
You can create segments based on the time when a contact is added to the List. For instance, you may want to send a welcome series content to the contacts who were added in the last week.

  • Supported Channels: Email, SMS, Push Notification, Web Push Notification, Web Message Activity, WhatsApp, Google RCS, Viber, and Zalo.

  • Usually, the marketing content flow is designed based on how the contacts react to the content already sent. For instance, to those who opened the first email of the welcome series, the second mail in the series is sent, while those who did not open will be reached out through SMS or Push Notification.

  • Based on your contacts’ activities on the emails, SMS, and push notifications that you have already sent, you can define multiple conditions to create segments.

  • You can consider activities like opens and unique opens, clicks and unique clicks, whether the messages were delivered successfully or failed to get delivered, the links that they click, and so on.

  • You can choose from broadcasts, triggered messages (sent through journeys), or broadcasts categorized with tags, to define these conditions. For instance, All contacts who clicked the “shop now” link in the “Diwali Dhamaka” email broadcast sent on 15th October.

  • You can select the time window within which you wish to check the contacts’ activities

  • For instance, All contacts who opened any email broadcasts sent in the last 7 days.

  • App/Web Activity
    Netcore CEE tracks the website and app activities of the contacts. Based on their activities, you can group contacts into segments. For example, all the contacts who clicked a particular product link in the website or app, or performed a specific action like ‘Add to cart’, time spent on the website, or a number of e-books downloaded in a certain number of days. You can create segments and then send them content accordingly.



  • Number of Visits = Number of Sessions (single session duration is 30 minutes)
    • Number of occurrences = Number of times the event occurred. An event can be generated multiple times during a single session


New Features: Reachability & Sample users

After specifying segment parameters & conditions, click on GET COUNT to see:

  • Reachability of the segmented users over email, SMS, app push & web push channels
  • A list of 10 sample users in the segment
  • You can click on any user profile to view the 360-degree unified view of the customer
  • Search any user among the segmented users via the primary key.
  • Use the Customize button to select which attributes you want to display for the sample users.

Reachability distribution displayed for the selected segment users


List of sample users in the segment. Search & customize options can be seen above the table


Technographics are the device properties of your app users. It allows you to create segment conditions based on a specific app, app version, SDK version, OS version, device brand, and model.

Technographic Sample Attributes

Technographic Sample Attributes

Reachable Channel

The reachable channel condition lets you get a segment of users who are reachable on a particular channel such as email, SMS, or app push notifications.

Note: Reachable channel condition is only available on email, SMS, and app push notifications.


Reachable Channel Conditions



  • Blacklisted users are considered as not reachable on Email and SMS channel.
  • User's who've opted out of receiving notifications or have uninstalled the app are considered as not reachable on app push channel

Conditions and Blocks

You can define up to 3 blocks, each comprising up to 50 conditions, which means, you can define up to 150 conditions for creating one segment.

AND/OR: For each block, you can select AND or OR, to specify that for a contact to exist in the segment you are creating, matching all the segmentation conditions is necessary, or meeting any of the conditions is sufficient.
For example,

  1. To create a segment of married females, AND of the following segmentation conditions should match:
    If Gender is Female
    If Marital Status is Married

  2. To create a segment of contacts who are either from Maharashtra or from Delhi, OR of the following segmentation conditions should match:
    If State is Maharashtra
    If State is Delhi

AND/OR: The blocks of conditions can be combined through operator AND or OR. AND means all of the blocks must be met for the contact to exist in the segment. OR means any of the blocks can be met for the contact to exist in the segment.

Get Count: Clicking Get Count gives you the number of contacts from the selected list, who qualify to exist in the segment.

Geolocation-based Segment

The marketer can now create segments basis 'Last known location'. 'Last known location' is a Smart Attribute that will be updated automatically basis users activity. Netcore CEE also tracks the user's location basis the IP address of the device.

The marketer can now send a communication using any channel (email, SMS, push notification, web push) basis user's 'last known location'. Currently, this is available for broadcast messages and dataset-based journeys.

The marketer can specify single or multiple locations along with the radius. If the marketer specifies multiple locations then, the system will fetch all the users within a defined radius of location 1 or location 2, or location 3.

The location will be updated based on the user's App and Website Activity. The default radius is 2 km but, a marketer can choose to increase or decrease the radius.



The marketer needs to enable 'Location Tracking' feature for Website activity. The marketer can enable location tracking by editing website details under Assets -> Websites.

Geolocation Segment sample attributes

Geolocation Segment sample attributes

Geolocation Radius sample attributes

Geolocation Radius sample attributes

You can now send birthday or anniversary campaigns by:

  • Creating a segment by ANY custom date attribute, not just D.O.B
  • Actual anniversary date, instead of changing it every year
  • Send such campaigns via ANY channel (Not just email) - by using Journeys!


New Features

You can now create user segments:

  • If any Date attribute is on forthcoming "x" day - while ignoring the year
  • If any Date attribute is in the future - i.e. after "today"
  • You can now create a segment of users who performed any activity (Email/SMS/App push/Web push) across all of your journeys & all nodes within those journeys - not just one journey!
    Say you use journeys almost as much as broadcasts & send the majority of campaigns via journeys.
    Previous behavior - You could create a segment for "active email openers" only across one of your journeys
    We have resolved this pain point. So you can create a segment for "active email openers across any trigger" - and get a complete understanding from the created segment.
    Note that this feature is available only for Segment 2.0 users. Kindly contact your account manager for enabling the same

New Features

  • Release date: 14/07/23
    • SMS undelivered - This condition when added with SMS sent with an AND clause will fetch users who got the SMS undelivered across selected campaigns/journeys in the time duration

We're thrilled to introduce a powerful new segmentation capability that takes your user analysis to the next level. With the "SMS Undelivered" condition, you can now effortlessly segment your user base based on the undelivered SMS event.

Key Benefits

  • Segment users who experienced SMS delivery issues for targeted follow-up.
  • Understand the scope of undelivered SMS messages across your campaigns & journeys.
  • Optimize communication strategies and improve SMS delivery rates.

Ability to filter bot openers from email campaigns

Email performance has been adversely affected due to a mixture of genuine user opens and bot opens (including Apple and Google bots). This has led to poor email performance concerns.

To address this, a new enhancement is being implemented that allows better segmentation & suppression of email opens based on user behavior and bot activity.

A ready-to-use system-created segment called “Exclusive Bot Openers” will be made available by default on the CEE platform. This segment will allow marketers to differentiate between user opens and bot opens, contributing to accurate performance measurement and data-driven decisions.

Marketers can use this segment to suppress bot openers from their future email campaigns and target only valid user openers.

How to Access: Audience > Segment > Exclusive Bot Openers


This enhancement is currently only being done in the segmentation module.

PS Note: This release focuses on improving email performance tracking by enhancing segmentation options. It ensures accurate performance measurement and data integrity while considering genuine user opens and bot opens.

New Release


New Channels in Segmentation: RCS, Viber, Zalo & WhatsApp Haptik

Users can segment their audiences based on Sent, Read & Failed RCS events

Users can segment their audiences based on Sent, Read, Clicked & Failed Viber events

Note: Available currently only for Journeys

Coming up next: Ability to segment based on RCS/Viber Clicks