Birthday Alerts

Birthday Alerts are automated email broadcasts to send birthday wishes to the Contacts.. If the date of birth is defined as an attribute in “DOB” format and the values are in DD/MM/YYYY or DD-MM-YYYY, and YYYY/MM/DD or YYYY-MM-DD format, birthday wishes can be sent. At the scheduled time, the contact database or the List is checked for the contacts who have birthdays on that day, and the email is sent to all of them.

You can use dynamic broadcasts to personalise the email. Sending such emails is an effective technique to build strong relationships with your Contacts.

To configure birthday alerts:

  • Go to Campaigns > Broadcasts > Email > Birthday Alerts.
  • In the Message Header section, fill the details just as you do in a regular email broadcast. You can edit the subject of the email if you wish to.
    • Frequency: Select on what date you want to send the wish, that is, on the birthday, a day before that or a week before that, etc.
    • Schedule Time: Select the time at which the Broadcast should be sent on the selected date.
  • In the Message Header section, compose the Broadcast.
  • Enter the details in the Test, Contacts, Extra, and External Tracking section, as explained in the Regular Broadcast section.
  • Click Save as Draft to save the Broadcast.
  • Click Publish to World.

All the contacts in the selected list will now receive the birthday wish email as per the date selected by you.