FAQs-Rule based personalization

What is Website personalization?
Ans: Web personalization is the process of altering various aspects of website like text,images,colour,shape,content , size of divs etc as the the needs/requirements for a particular user of a group of similar users.

Why do I need website personalization?
Ans: There are multiple studies which have proven that personalizing experiences for users have resulted in uplift in several key business metrics including Conversions, CTRs, Revenue,CSAT etc
Some interesting stats:
A 2018 survey by Eplison reported that more than 80% of users across industries are more likely to purchase products from sites offering personalizing experiences.
According to Hubspot report personalization results in 200+ increase in CTRs
According to IBM serving personalized content resulted in 269% increase in average time spent on site

How does website personalization work?
Ans: A JS code is placed on the client site. Whenever a visitor lands on the website JS gets details about him/her like source, browser, location etc based on this it sends a request to CEE asking for the changes to be made on the website for this user based on the information the JS has collected. CEE sends the list of changes based on preset rules and then JS modifies the site HTML according the same.

How can website personalization increase my revenue?
Ans: website personalization delivers personalized experiences to each and every user who visits your site. This results in delivering customer delight and increases the chances of customer converting. In addition to this personalization helps in product discovery which helps in putting the right offers/product to the right customer at the right time, thereby increasing the chances of conversion. Hence in almost all cases personalization is applied it results in conversion uplift, if the campaign is executed properly.

How long will it take before I see an uplift from personalization?
Ans: The time taken to see uplifts may vary widely from industry to industry but we have seen that clients see uplifts after 8-10 weeks after going live
What all prerequisites are there to get started on website personalization?
Ans: We would need the following from the clients end to get started
Netcore JS present on the site on which personalization is to be enabled
Clients should provide us with the database/segments of users, who to personalize
Pass us custom events/attributes based on which personalization will take place
Provide content which is to be personalized

What is the difference between recommendations and website personalization?
Ans: Personalization is a vast segment which covers each and every digital touchpoint for a consumer. Both product recommendations and website personalization are part of it. When we show customized products on a website for a particular user it is called product recommendation. Website personalization includes changing page layouts, text, content, colour etc for a user/segment of users. It may or may not have product recommendations.

How is Netcore’s personalization different from other competitors?
Ans: The following are the USPs of Netcore’s personalization:
Netcore’s proprietary visual editor tool that lets users edit websites and create personalization without any code
Netcore has a powerful segmentation engine that helps user display the right personalization to the right users at the right time
Super fast integration and go live within 3 days
Omni channel capability and Journey builder which can be combined with website personalization to create effective 360 degree campaigns
Advanced analytics capabilities and dashboards

Can I use website personalization for my mobile device?
Ans: Yes you can use website personalization for users who visit your m-sites from mobile devices. Personalization of experience on apps is part of the roadmap and will be available soon.

What data will be collected from my website for personalization?
Ans: We will be collecting data on website visitors like visitor source,browser,location,device,repeat/new visitor etc. In addition to this if the brand can choose to pass user logged in data or server side data like user transaction data,purchase history etc.

How will website personalization work for new visitors?
Ans: We can detect if a user is a new visitor/repeat visitor. For new users we can still personalize the website based on location,device,browser etc.

What aspects of my website can be personalized?
Ans: We can personalize text,colour,images ,content,banners and divs. More features will be added in the future.

How long will it take to implement website personalization on my site?
Ans: Integration of Js code on the website will only require 30 mins of IT effort.
If you already have a CEE panel , then you can get started immediately post integration.

What type of websites can be personalized?
Ans: All types of websites can be personalized including websites made in shopify, magento, wordpress etc.

How do you ensure the look and feel, brand guidelines of my website is maintained?
Ans: It is up to the users to create personalizations that should be in sync with the brand guidelines. We have created a visual editor where you will be able to see the changes in real time. You can also see the changes live on the website through the navigate mode. Post editing we are offering website previews so that you can double check the site before making a campaign live.

Can I personalize product offerings though website personalization?
Ans: You cannot personalize product offerings though website personalization module , however CEE has the capability to serve recommendations though it’s boxx recommendation engine.

Will personalization make my website slow?
Ans: No personalization will not affect your website performance. We have optimized our JS in such a way so that website performance is not impacted in any way.

Is website personalization GDPR compliant?
Ans: Yes, website personalization is part of CEE, which is GDPR compliant
How will we see the personalization before it is made live?
Ans: You can visually see the changes that you make in the editor, in addition there is a preview option before the campaign is scheduled. You can see the personalization from there.

Can we try the personalization on a small control group of customers before we make it live ?
Ans: You can try out the personalization on a small segment of users by selecting the relevant segment from the audience section. If you want to display to a part of a segment you can simply adjust the percent of control group. Control group is the users who will not be shown the personalization.

How long can the personalization campaign run?
Ans: You can schedule a campaign to run for a specified time or you can run it indefinitely.

What if the customer see if personalization fails?
Ans: Customer will see the default website, incase personalization is unable to render or if it takes too long. User will see the same as control group.

What will anonymous visitors user see if i don't have any data to personalize for them?
Ans: We can create personalization for anonymous visitors based on the following data
New /returning user

What are the reports/metrics that i can track for my personalization?
Ans: We can track the number of total views and total conversions for each personalization. We can also compare the same with control group to determine the performance overall.

How will I know if my personalization is working/successful?
Ans: We can determine if a personalization is successful if the percentage of conversion is greater than the control group(who see the non personalized/default version).

How can i stop the personalization?
Ans: You can pause any personalization campaign from the campaign listing page , additionally you can also set an end time for a campaign in the schedule section.

Can I edit /change a personalization campaign once it goes live?
Ans: Yes you can edit a campaign after you pause the campaign from the listing page. Post edit you can choose to resume the campaign again.

If a visitor sees a personalization and then returns later will he still see the personalization?
Ans: If the user falls in the same segment for which the personalization is set then he will see the same personalization irrespective of how many times he visits, if his segment changes, then the personalization will also change.

What will happen if a user is part of 2 audiences/segments on the same page?
Ans: In this case the audience which was defined first will take preference. The user will see the personalization that was meant for the first audience.

Can I do an A/B test for personalization?
Ans: Currently there is no functionality to conduct A/B testing for personalization campaigns.

What is a control group?
Ans: Control group is a segment of users who don't see any personalization. They see the default version of the website.

What are goals? Why do we need them?
Ans: Goals are used to track the effectiveness of the campaigns. In the setup section you need to set up goals and select specific activities which you will consider as conversions. Based on this we will see the conversions in the reports.

Can personalization run on my apps?
Ans: No currently we cannot personalize apps but it will be available soon.

How many personalizations can i set up on my website?
Ans: We can run upto 75 personalizations on each URL of your website. They have to be part of the same personalization campaign.

Can i run more than one campaigns on a webpage?
Ans: No , you cannot run more than 1 personalization campaigns on one URL.

What will happen if we update the website, when a personalization campaign is running?
Ans: This is not advisable. In case this happens then the personalization will stop working. Marketer’s will need to create a new campaign for the same page.

Can I personalize multiple sites from the same panel?
Ans: Yes , this is possible. User can add multiple sites in the asset section and integrate the JS on the site for personalization to work.

Can I schedule my personalization for a later date?
Ans: Yes, user can schedule when a campaign will start.