Line Channel

Netcore Introduction to LINE Channel Integration

LINE is a highly popular chat application used in countries such as Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan. At Netcore, we are excited to introduce LINE as a new communication channel within our Journeys platform. This integration will enable businesses to connect with their customers using LINE Official Accounts, providing a range of services for customer engagement and support.

Key Features:

  1. LINE Official Account Premium ID - Enhance brand recognition by acquiring a Premium ID for your LINE Official Account.
  2. Rich Messaging - Create engaging messages by integrating images and text into a single picture.
  3. Quick Reply Options - Improve customer responsiveness by including quick reply buttons in your messages.
  4. Fallback - Ensure message delivery by using WhatsApp, RCS . SMS as a fallback option in customer journeys.
  5. Low-Cost Messaging - Send cost-effective notifications, paying only for successfully delivered messages.
    Available Solutions:

LINE integration on the Netcore Journeys platform offers various solutions based on your communication needs:

  1. LINE Official Notification API (One-way) - Send informative one-way messages using pre-approved templates. Currently available in Thailand.
  2. Conversations or Conversations API: LINE Official Account (Two-way) Enable two-way communication for customer support or engagement campaigns using Netcore Chatbot
  3. Answers: LINE Official Account (Two-way) - Utilize this service for interactive two-way communication with your customers using Chatbot

Netcore is thrilled to introduce LINE as a communication channel within our Journeys platform, offering businesses powerful tools to engage, support, and connect with customers across multiple regions. With LINE integration, we aim to provide seamless and efficient communication experiences for our valued customers.