Integrate your Magento Store with Netcore

To integrate your Magento store with Netcore panel, you would need to login to your Netcore Panel as well as Magento Dashboard and follow this step by step guide.

Netcore Panel

Step 1: Head over to the "Website" section under "Asset" on Netcore panel

Click on Magento logo to add your Magento store URL and hit "Save".

Step 2: "Get Token"

A box for your store will be created on the Asset listing page. Click on "Get token" on this box, to open up below popup, the data points generated here will be used in Step 3

Magento Admin Dashboard

Step 3: Open up Netcore settings

Login to Magento Admin dashboard. From the left panel, click on "Stores" then "Configuration"

On the left bar, click on "Netcore" > "CEE" and enter the field values as mentioned in step 2 above


Please enter the IDC as per your region. By default, US is selected


Event List

Now that you are done with connecting your Magento store with Netcore, real time events will start synching. Checkout out this page to see the default events available.