FAQs and Troubleshooting

Question 1 - Why do we need TTL ( Time To Live). What are the common reasons why an App push notification may not get delivered in the first try and multiple attempts to deliver it need to be taken until the TTL expires?

Answer - There can be various reasons why APNs (App Push Notifications) may not be delivered in the first attempt and multiple attempts need to be made by FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) until the TTL (Time To Live) expires. Here are some common reasons:

  • Network issues: One of the most common reasons for APNs to not be delivered in the first attempt is network connectivity issues. If the user's device is not connected to the internet, or if there is poor network coverage, then the push notification may not be delivered. In such cases, FCM will keep retrying until the TTL expires.
  • App inactivity: If the user has not used the app for a long time, their device may have put the app into a suspended state. In such cases, push notifications may not be delivered immediately, and FCM may need to retry several times before the notification is delivered.
  • Device is turned off: If the user's device is turned off, push notifications cannot be delivered. FCM will keep trying to send the notification until the TTL expires, at which point the notification will be discarded.
  • APN certificate issues: If there are issues with the APN certificate used to send push notifications, notifications may not be delivered. This could be due to an expired certificate, a revoked certificate, or an incorrect certificate configuration.
  • Unregistered device: If a user uninstalls the app or disables push notifications, FCM may continue to try sending notifications to the device until the TTL expires.

Overall, there can be many reasons why APNs may not be delivered in the first attempt, and FCM may need to retry multiple times until the TTL expires. It is important for app developers and marketers to keep these factors in mind when planning and executing their push notification campaigns.

Question 2 - If you notice that the delivery of your iOS app has suddenly dropped or facing issues with other functionalities and features.

Answer - Please make sure that the Developer mode of your app is 'OFF'.