Before you get started, here are a few things you should check out to see if the plugin is the right fit for you.

  1. If you are using headless commerce, then we suggest to go ahead with regular integration
  2. Please follow this matrix for minimum requirements, as stated by Magento
  3. This plugin works for Magento stores based on Magento 2.4
    3.1. This plugin is created for out of box Magento implementations, if you have customized any events or have observables, the functionality might break.
    3.2. To enable Add to cart & Remove from cart, make sure you have made the cookies writable. (we require mandatory 2 cookies for each event)
  4. To enable Browser push notifications, make sure your pub folder is writable by the server users' group.
    4.1. BPN should be enabled and FCM details should be proper in Smartech Panel
    4.2. BPN should be enabled in Magento admin dashboard along with FCM details
    4.3. sw.js should be present in Magento root directory
  5. For primary key, the plugin supports email, mobile number as well as custom primary key such as user id



Only events from the standard Magento signup page would be captured by our plugin.


In case you have any other concerns or queries, do reach out to your Account Manager.


If you meet the requirements, you can now get started with connecting your Magento Store with Netcore platform. Click on below link to go back to the installation guide.