Subject Line Generator

Our SLO (Subject Line Optimiser) feature has been helping marketer for a long time but now we have something even better, say hello to SLG ( Subject Line Generator ). This model will not only score your Subject Line but also generate AI powered better alternative subject lines that you can use along with detailed analysis of each.
Currently working best for the E-commerce industry.

Analyse, generate and optimize an Email subject line.


To use the Subject Line Generator, type in a subject line or just a couple of keywords related to your campaign in the subject line input box and then click on the 'Click to Improve’ button on the side, while creating an Email campaign.

Netcore’s AI powered SLG takes these keywords or the subject line as input for its algorithm which then generates top 5, most suitable and optimized Subject Lines for your campaign.
You can directly use any of these suggested Subject lines or even look at the detailed analysis of each of them to help you make a more data-driven decision.

Features of Details Section:

Score of the Subject Line - Each subject line is scored as per our SLO Scoring model. Machine Learning based supervised algorithms are used to score Email campaigns based on when and what is sent in as the Subject line.

Sentiment Analysis - Shows the sentiment of the Subject Line on a scale from Negative to Positive.
Subject lines featuring extreme sentiments, either positive or negative result in higher open rates. A Subject Line with a strong emotional tone is more intriguing and instils curiosity which leads to a higher tendency to open.

Email Lands on - We analyze the subject line and evaluate the propensity of the campaign email to either land in Inbox or Spam. Generally, a higher reach ensures higher open rate and eventually results in higher conversion.


Length - Indicates the length of the Subject Line in terms of number of characters as well as the number of words. The ideal length of a subject line is recommended as per our in-house analysis of subject line performance across different verticals.

Scannability - Scores the subject line out of 100 to indicate how easy it is to read and understand the subject line at a quick glance. Higher the score, better the scannability of the Subject line.

Comprehensibility - Scores the subject line out of 100 to indicate how difficult it is to understand the subject line basis the complexity of word choice. It is recommended to use common words and smooth sentence formation for making it easy for the user to read and understand the subject line without any difficulty.


You can also Preview how your subject line will look on different mobile and desktop devices before sending them out.


Last but not the least, you can also do a one on one comparison between all our generated subject lines and the original subject line typed by you across all these scores.


So go ahead and use our Subject Line Generator for the best possible Subject Lines to get increased engagement on your Campaigns.